Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Englisches Seminar

SS 2000

PS: British Influence in South Africa

S. Gordon-Schröder

Ref.: Jan Flittner


Music in South Africa


    1.In General


    -bound to social-political history

    -lots of musical styles: kwela, mbaqanga, mbube, soul, disco, reggae, rock, pop, jazz...

    -influences from USA and GB

    -important names: Miriam Makeba, Abdullah Ibrahim, Hugh Masekela

    -Paul Simon’s Graceland (1986): big influence on SA, made South African popular in the whole world


    2.Johnny Clegg (the White Zulu) and Juluka/Savuka


    -born 1953 in England

    -to SA when he was 6 years old

    -fascinated by Zulu music and dances, wanted to be a Zulu

    -1972: met Sipho Mchunu

    -1976: formation of Juluka (”sweat”), the first mixed (black and white) band which caused problems with the authorities

    -African music mixed with European (folk, rock, pop...)

    -1985: End of Juluka, Sipho went back to his community to be a farmer

    -1986: Savuka (”we have awakened”), just one month before State of Emergency

    -more international style with less South African parts

    -but: on some albums more South African

    -most political works (Asimbonanga which was banned from radio in SA)

    -greatest success in Europe and overseas

    -1992: End of Savuka

    -from 1996 he works together with Sipho again (his farm had been destroyed in a tribal war)

    -again Juluka

    -”new sound”, influenced by new South African dance music like Bubblegum and Kwaito

    -1997: New album ”Crocodile Love”




    -the new ”big thing” in SA

    -black dance music

    -”feel good”

    -mix of international hiphop and house with local rhythms

    -tempo is slow, massive bass lines, Zulu texts

    -very popular in all parts of the society

    -it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or coloured: just ”feel good”




Hamm, Charles: Afro-American Music, South Africa, and Apartheid,

Institute for Studies in American Music, New York, 1988





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